About Us

If I were smart I would be have been a veterinarian but I got the smartass gene instead so most of my career has been spent in product and business development.  A few years ago I was “between projects” (yes – unemployed) and to save money I was grooming horses in exchange for riding lessons. 

After months of washing horses and interacting with grooming products (and having always washed my own dogs) I found I just wasn’t inspired by current grooming brands, products and packaging – so I started thinking about how I’d do it differently and pretty soon it became an obsession.

It took years of R&D on the product and the brand concept but the more I learned about Elinor the more I loved her and thought her story should be told. A special thank you should be noted here for the folks at Washington State University Pullman for their amazing archives on the history of veterinary medicine in the USA and their enthusiasm for helping with research. Dr. McGrath’s finally came to market in 2012 and our animal care products are happily made in the USA.

Together with Elinor’s grandsons: Tim McGrath of Sallisaw, Oklahoma and Tom McGrath of Fort Smith, Arkansas, we established two scholarships in her name to help support students in animal sciences and further her legacy. Please join us in learning about and supporting these organizations.

Thank You,

Juliette Fassett, President
Dr. McGrath’s