Why Cats Need Baths March 21, 2016 14:26

“Cats don’t need baths; they groom themselves.” That’s one of the most common myths about cats out there. The fact is, even though cats groom themselves, they often still need baths.  Cat grooming is a delicate subject because cats are notoriously anxious around water. (Unless it’s the dog’s water bowl, which cats who live with dogs notoriously love to drink out of instead of their own!)

We like to think that if our pets don’t like something, it means we don’t have to make them do it. But when it come to cat grooming, baths are often a necessary part of the equation. How do you know if your cat needs a bath, and what do you need to know before diving in? Read on.

What Causes Itchy Skin In Dogs April 1, 2015 15:02

Itchy skin in dogs is a highly stress-inducing problem—for both the dogs and their owners. Nobody wants to see their dog feeling uncomfortable and engaging in behavior that we know is unhealthy or even painful. Add the fact that dogs can’t speak to us and tell us what’s wrong, and it’s a recipe for a lot of anxiety. Itchy skin in dogs is also an extremely common problem. After gastrointestinal problems, itching is the second-most common reason people take their dogs to the vet.

There are all kinds of reasons your dog may be suffering from itchy skin. Read on to explore some of the options your dog may be scratching, licking, or chewing her skin.

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